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HIV Reading Assignments

HIV & Breastfeeding Reading Assignment

NOTE: Links for the below assignments were verified prior to publishing this page.
Some links may change. If so, please “Google” as needed.

WHO 2010 HIV and Infant Feeding Counseling Tools

WHO 2016 Updates on HIV & Breastfeeding

NOTE: As noted by WHO, the new guideline doesn’t reflect all WHO recommendations related to HIV and infant feeding. Consistent with the 2010 guideline, this “is intended mainly for countries with high HIV prevalence and settings in which diarrhoea, pneumonia and undernutrition are common causes of infant and child mortality.”

In the US, where infant formula is “acceptable, feasible, affordable, sustainable, safe,” these guidelines are less applicable. But the IBLCE exam is an international exam, and you may need to be familiar with these recommendations.