Notice of Requirements for successful completion

Live Programs: Specific learning goals and objectives for all live programs are found in the program brochure, and in the course materials distributed to every participant. Certificates of Completion will be awarded to participants who: have paid all required fees, attend all live sessions, sign out at the end of the program, complete all required pre-course materials, and, when given, complete an in-class exam.

Enduring (aka Self-study) programs: Specific learning goals and objectives for all enduring programs are found in the provided program materials. Certificates of Completion will be awarded to participants who: have paid all required fees, attest to completing any required reading, viewing or listening, attain a passing grade on any post-test, and, complete a program evaluation.

Expiration date for awarding contact hours

All live program requirements must be successfully completed no later than one year following the end date of the live program. The date of the Certificate of Completion will be the last day of the live program. Most other programs must be completed within one-year of the purchase date. These dates may be extended at the discretion of Gold Standard Resources. See the program details for specific dates.

Conflicts of interest

Breastfeeding Outlook, its activity planners, and its employees take careful attention to avoid any and all conflicts of interest as it relates to all learning materials, including, but not limited to, live seminars, self-study packages, and online materials. We meet or exceed all criteria provided to us by our accrediting bodies, which prohibit any influencing financial relationship that could create bias in our services or products.

Disclosure or relevant financial relationships and mechanism to identify and resolve conflicts of interest

Marie Biancuzzo is the sole owner of Gold Standard Resources and all subsidiary units—including Breastfeeding Outlook—and has no influencing interest in any other organization. Gold Standard Resources accepts no outside funding except as direct payment for products or services it provides.

Unless explicitly stated in the course materials, all authors and/or presenters for any Gold Standard Resources program stipulate that they have no significant financial interests in any product or class of products discussed directly or indirectly in the program (including research support.)

Sponsorship or commercial support

Breastfeeding Outlook does not, for any reason, accept outside financial assistance for any of our live programs or educational materials.

Non-endorsement of products

Any products used, displayed, or discussed in relation to our educational programs and materials does not imply endorsement of any such product by either Breastfeeding Outlook or any of its accrediting bodies.

Accredited status does not imply endorsement by Breastfeeding Outlook or the accrediting agencies of any commercial products displayed in conjunction with an activity.

Off-label use

Products used, displayed, or discussed are done only in the manner in which it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and any deviations from this are given in writing or verbally at the time of discussion.