CC90 Lactation Education Course

*Autoimmune Disorders

Required Assignment Watch the video and review the content outline. You may also find this form helpful in studying autoimmune diseases. Studying Autoimmune Diseases Introduction to Autoimmune Disorders Content Outline Mark this assignment complete to move on.

Studying Autoimmune Diseases

Recommended Assignment Here’s a list of diseases to study using the system below. Autoimmune diseases that may pop up on an exam as a correct answer, or as a distractor. Celiac disease Crohn’s disease Fibromyalgia Graves’ disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Multiple sclerosis Myasthenia gravis Primary biliary cirrhosis Raynaud’s phenomenon, vasoconstriction of the …

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*Biological Nurturing Video

Required Assignment Watch the video: Biological Nurturing Note: We have no control over any advertisements that may appear on assigned videos. Should you come across an ad in a video, we recommend you skip it as soon as the opportunity is enabled. Mark this assignment complete when you are done.