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Interview with a Local IBCLC

Required Assignment Interview a local IBCLC who has the same clinical credentials as your own.  Ask her to describe the pros and cons of her current practice setting. NOTE: If you have no other clinical credential, interview someone who has no other clinical credential but is an actively-practicing IBCLC. When you have completed your interview, …

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Growth Chart Learning Activities

Required Assignment Complete the Growth Chart Learning Activities below, as directed in the Outline of The Who Growth Charts video. WHO Growth Charts Content Outline Growth Chart Boys 24 Weeks Growth Chart Girls 24 Weeks The answers for the Boy’s Chart are below. Jonathan (Boy’s) Growth Chart Answers Mark this assignment complete when you are …

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Traumatic Birth Word Find

Required Assignment Complete the Traumatic Birth Word Find Learning Activity below. Birth Trauma Word Find Mark this assignment complete when you are done.

Role Play: Taking a Lactation History

Recommended Assignment Get together two colleagues (or even two family members.) Role-play taking a lactation history. You conduct the interview, someone is the “client” and someone else uses the rubric from the previous assignment to rate how you are doing. Mark this assignment complete when you are done or to skip it.

Six Honest Serving Men

Required Assignment Memorize the first stanza of R. Kipling’s poem, “Six Honest Serving Men.” Mark this assignment complete when you are done.

Research Terminology

Required Assignment The document below identifies the research terms and definitions for this section.  You can test your knowledge with the matching exercises at the end of this section. Terminology Research PDF I highly recommend that you get our Research Flashcards in our Lactation Flashcards App or make your own flashcards to ensure you know …

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Required Assignment Download the LactMed App to your smart phone or tablet. Bookmark the LactMed website on your computer, smart phone, or table. Mark this assignment complete when you are done.