Essential Oils Course Information


Recognize basic concepts and safety precautions for breastfeeding mothers when using essential oils.


  • Differentiate among essential oils, carrier oils, and fragrance oils in terms of their characteristics, examples, and uses.
  • Recognize teaching responsibilities related to three methods of essential oil administration, with a focus on the breastfeeding couplet.
  • For the breastfeeding mother who wishes to avoid over-the-counter drugs, identify essential oils that may provide safe relief for common ailments./li>
  • Recognize selected safety issues for essential oils, with a focus on breastfeeding couplets.
  • Briefly discuss additional resources that may be helpful for mothers who want to learn more about using essential oils for health purposes.
  • Briefly describe why essential oils have a therapeutic value.


This learning activity is approved for 3.5 L-CERPs and 3.5 contact hours.

  • Breastfeeding Outlook is accredited as a long-term provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.
  • Breastfeeding Outlook is accredited a long-term provider by the California Board of Nursing.

Requirements for Obtaining Credits

  • Complete all of the required topics and lessons.
  • Complete the online post-test with 80% accuracy.


The author discloses that she has no significant financial interests in any product or class of products discussed directly or indirectly in this learning program (including research support). This learning program has no commercial or non-commercial support. A detailed disclosure statement is found here

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