Becoming a Lactation Consultant
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Advertising and Promotion of Private Practice: Ethical Issues

This short session reflects common issues that IBCLCs in private practice often face: (1) attracting clients, (2) selling goods in addition to consulting services, and (3) truth in advertising. 1.7 E-CERPS & contact hours.

Health Sciences Continuing Education Package

This package includes instruction in ethics, medical documentation, infection control, occupational safety & health, and medical terminology.

Marie’s 1000+ Lactation Terms You Should Know (PDF)

If you are planning to sit for the IBCLC exam, knowing your terminology is a must! Use this list to help you identify terms you don’t know, improve your exam score and your clinical skills.

7 Discipline Drills

185 discipline-focused, exam-type questions to test your knowledge for the exam.
Starting at $329.00

Marie’s Online Lactation Exam Review

All-online review to help you pass the IBCLC exam the FIRST time! Streamline studying, demystify content, and gain confidence for the exam and your career.

Communication for Lactation Consultants

5 hours of communication for those applying to sit for the IBLCE Exam. New requirement for applications for the April 2021 Exam. 5.0 L-CERPs and 5.0 contact hours.

Everyday Clinical Care for the LGBTQIA Family

Become aware of how your attitude, your language, and even your clinical environment can undermine rather than empower parents. 4.3 L-CERPs & contact hours.

Marie Biancuzzo’s 90-Hour Lactation Education Course

90 hours of lactation education for aspiring IBCLCs. Includes the required 5 hours of Communication. Total of 95.0 L-CERPs and 95.0 contact hours.

Marie Biancuzzo’s Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos

Advance clinical skills, learn to ace the photo portion of the exam, and earn 20.4 L-CERPs and 20.4 contact hours.